Supporting young people on the road to adulthood.


Look around the Valley, and you’ll find a multitude of programs focused on youth — sports teams, after-school programming, art camps, etc. Young people find connection through these programs and feel like they are a part of a community that is bigger than themselves. As young people become emerging adults, this connection becomes harder to maintain. Additional distractions, an increase in personal responsibility, and the declining amount of opportunities for the age group create a pattern of disconnection.

Young people are cut off from the individuals, institutions, and experiences that could otherwise help them develop the knowledge, skills, maturity, and sense of purpose required to live rewarding and successful lives as adults. This effect disproportionately impacts marginalized and underserved communities.

G Road, founded in 2011, is a Phoenix-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting our community's youth and young adults as they approach adulthood. To achieve this goal, G Road creates and implements targeted programming in the community it aims to serve.

Founder Daniel Stanton, who was born and raised in Downtown Phoenix, benefitted from a multitude of after-school programs focused on his needs as a young person. The programs most effective in his life were those built on intentional relationships, with consistent, present adults. It became clear, however, that as he and his peers approached adulthood, services became limited. G Road was born out of these observations: that young people need adults who are invested in them, and that they need that support to continue as they become adults.

G Road prides itself on its focus on people. The name of the organization represents a subculture of Phoenix’s Historic Coronado Neighborhood, our Founder’s homebase and the center of the area the organization serves. The square of G Road’s logo represents a 4 square miles of zip code 85006, in Downtown Phoenix, where programming is targeted for the youth and emerging adults and the unique challenges they face.


G Road’s mission is to support young people on their road to adulthood through creative programming and intentional relationships. Our vision is to see our program participants emerge as competent, healthy, and well-adjusted young adults.

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