Relationships are the top priority.


Providing a safe space to foster trust and form relationships with peers and supportive adults is a major goal for all of our programs. We focus on facilitating activities that not only interest our participants but encourage them to work cooperatively, to creatively problem-solve, express themselves, and take on roles of leadership. Program Directors help our participants to apply competencies learned in our programs to the wider context of their life. The satisfaction that is earned from seeing a project through from beginning to end encourages our participants to think about what success and accomplishment mean to them.

We are able to run successful and intentional programming through our unique partnerships and by focusing on program sustainability. Our creative collaborations with our local business community and nonprofit network allows us to avoid “reinventing the wheel” while also helping to exemplify the direct impact our youth can have by being involved in their own neighborhood.

G Road programs are possible through partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club: Gabel Branch, Social Network Television Studio, Seventh Day Adventist Community Center, Arizona Worm Farm, and Smooth Brew Coffee and Cafe.